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Continuo Foundation is run by experienced professionals from business, technology, law, management consulting, digital marketing, classical music and academia. All members of the team believe in the power of music to enrich lives, and are passionate about the vital role period instrument ensembles can play in bringing uplifting classical music to local community venues in every region of the country. Our Patrons, our CEO, our expert Advisory Panel members and Trustees all give their time pro bono. 


We raise funds from private individuals, trusts and foundations, and corporate donors. These funds are employed throughout the year for our work in two key areas:


We award £200,000 through two rounds of project grants each year, on a competitive basis. We aim to ensure a flourishing of artistic activity to benefit hundreds of musicians and thousands of audiences in communities across the UK.


Continuo Connect improves access, enables discovery, grows audiences and helps artists to publicise their concerts and share their research on a centralised platform. This collaborative, sector-wide approach is based on the principle that "a rising tide lifts all boats."  

Continuo Foundation was created during the pandemic to avert the risk of losing the UK's precious talent in period performance, the work of 60 years.

Our 2021 grants focused on helping period-instrument ensembles to remain active by supporting projects creating employment for freelance musicians, and enabling them to engage with audiences despite uncertainty and Covid restrictions.
In 2022, our grants prioritised live performances, touring to under-served areas of the UK and introducing a scheme to help recently-formed ensembles establish themselves and build capacity, skills and relationships for the future.
Our 2023 grants extended this support for high-quality, imaginative projects capable of engaging larger, more diverse audiences in more regions of the UK. We also increased the level of support for recently-formed ensembles to help emerging artists gain the experience and credibility needed to develop sustainable careers. 
In 2024, our grant making continues apace, supported by the Continuo Connect  digital hub, which is central to our activity and making a significant contribution to the long term financial sustainability and flourishing of the baroque sector. 
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