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Murder Mystery - Who killed Jean-Marie Leclair?

Jean-Marie Leclair, an 18th century violinist and composer was stabbed to death in 1764. The prime suspects were the gardener, his ex-wife, a rival violinist, and even a secret hitman - and his murder was never solved.

Apollo’s Cabinet reopen his case musically, by linking French Baroque music by Leclair and his contemporaries to the recitation of original witness and suspect statements. Each musician will be taking on the role as one of the main suspects and tell the story from their perspective, with the music closely connecting to their emotions, sowing suspicion and distrust. All text is based on original statements recorded by Antoine de Sartine, inspector of the Paris Police who led the investigations back in 1764.

This prequel will give the ensemble the opportunity to introduce the audience to the main characters and their music during two live performances in Surrey and one online show. It will also lead 2 school workshop-concerts in Brighton.

This will precede a bigger production as a full concert-play scripted by Clare Norburn in 2023, with the story being continued as a court trial: an actor as the judge and the audience taking on the role of the jury and casting their vote at the end of the show.
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