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600 Years! Hildegard to Haydn

600 years! Hildegard to Haydn showcases a wide and exciting variety of instruments, composers and styles, (think rebec, gittern/medieval lute/recorders /medieval flutes/percussion/voice/theorbo/crumhorns/ renaissance lute/recorders, renaissance & Baroque flutes/ viols) all carefully researched and arranged, to provide an accessible journey through the changes and developments of music and instruments across 600 years! We speak to our audiences throughout our concerts, keeping our performances inclusive and interactive - including a game of ‘instrument’ bingo! Composers will include Hildegard von Bingen, Isaac, Alfonso X of Castile, Machaut, Dalza, Schlick, Attaignant, Susato, Cima, Simpson, de la Barre, Telemann, and Haydn.
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