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The Ghost in The Machine

A concert/livestream project of Amyas’s programme - The Ghost in the Machine - which is centred around recent research into the performance style preserved within the pins, barrels and pipes of mechanised musical instruments (generally barrel-organs and organ-clocks) produced in 18th C England. The 'recordings' have been meticulously transcribed and arranged for our chamber ensemble and set alongside pieces which offer complimentary information from composers about performance style. The resulting sound is wonderfully exhilarating, featuring ornamentation styles which breathe new life into pieces we thought we knew, and render some we may have overlooked newly fascinating! The programme, features music by Handel, Arne, Baston, Geminiani and more.

This live event with limited audience will be simultaneously recorded and then streamed shortly afterward. Following the stream, the group’s director Emily Baines will host an online Zoom Q&A discussion with some of the players to which our audience will be invited.
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