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11 January 2022

“Since launching Continuo Foundation in November 2020, we have secured donations and commitments of over £450,000 – an overwhelming endorsement of the value of our work helping the UK’s period music ensembles and musicians to thrive and flourish”

– Tina Vadaneaux, Founder of Continuo Foundation

Against the backdrop of renewed cancellations, postponements, and uncertainty, Continuo Foundation announced today that it is inviting period-instrument ensembles to apply for a third round of grants. Thanks to the generosity of its donors, Continuo will make available £100,000 to support projects scheduled from April to September 2022.

This round follows £260,000 awarded in 2021 through 46 grants supporting one hundred performances and recordings, engaging over 800 freelance musicians. Continuo received 125 grant applications in 2021, with requests from 82 different UK period-instrument ensembles. Thirty-seven of these groups now comprise Continuo’s vibrant grantee community, which it aims to grow in 2022.

The map shows Continuo-supported performances throughout the UK whilst highlighting the work to be done to bring excellent music to under-served regions.

Continuo’s commitment to emerging talent continues with the introduction of a new eligibility category for ensembles formed between June 2019 and June 2021 who were hindered by Covid cancellations and restrictions from giving public performances. The grants will aim to redress the situation by helping them to get back on track.

Continuo Trustee Hannah French comments:

“If well-established ensembles have been struggling during the pandemic, imagine the situation for musicians who have recently graduated and formed ensembles, or for established players who have tried to set up new groups. We’re turning our attention to ensembles that have only had the chance to perform together for a short time and still have big aspirations to fulfil.”

Continuo Foundation expects to award approximately 20 grants of between £2,000 and £10,000. The final numbers will reflect the quality of the applications received and the amounts requested.

Grants from Continuo are open to professional UK-based period-instrument ensembles. Applications open today with a submission deadline of 7 February 2022. Grant decisions are expected by 18 March 2022. Full details on how to apply are available on the website here.



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