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The King's Delight

We are delighted to present two new programmes:

The King's Delight - A programme of music, words and song from Restoration England: ballads about the Plague, the Great Fire, the Frost Fair, horse racing, chocolate and coffee; loyal songs and theatre songs; tavern rounds, dance music, and divisions and solos for the violin, viol and cittern; and music by Wilson, Lawes, Locke and Purcell, and Playford. This programme will be toured to three locations and we will make a video of one performance.

A Handful of Pleasant Delights - A concert at Athelhampton House illustrating aspects of life in Elizabethan England, from the Court to the Country, the Church, the Playhouse, and the Streets. The programme includes music by Morley, Edwards, Byrd, Dowland, Johnson, Allison and Bachiler, and words by George Peele, Ben Jonson, and Chidiock Tichborne.
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