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Musical Murder Mystery: Who killed Jean-Marie Leclair?

© Abraham Buckoke
Cornwall/Southcoast Murder Mystery tour
during August 2023, across Cornwall, with 4 concerts, in Truro, St Ives, Newquay and Penzance, performing at local theatres, music venues and community centres
We have previously developed and successfully premiered this programme last September, with another show in October in London, and would like to continue touring it in a different part of the UK this summer, as we have had numerous requests for more shows. One of our members is local to Cornwall (St. Ives) and we’d like to perform at smaller community venues that have little to no Early music on offer.
The performance is a musical murder mystery about the death of composer and violinist Jean-Marie Leclair. Apollo’s Cabinet reopen his case musically and as a staged musical murder mystery. French and other Baroque music by Leclair and his contemporaries will be linked to each scene, character and their emotions. Each musician will also be acting: playing the role as either one of the 4 main suspects, Jean-Marie Leclair himself and Inspector Sartine, who led the investigations in 1764. The storyline along with all text has been carefully researched and Apollo’s Cabinet have written all the dialogue themselves and present a 90-minute show of music and murderous plots. The show is interactive and set up in two parts - in the interval, the audience is actively involved in voting for who they think killed Jean-Marie Leclair.
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